Why FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic)

Corrosion Resistant Suitable for use in aggressive environments, maintenance-free FRP can be relied upon to deliver a long-term solution against corrosion.
High Strength Despite its lightweight properties, GRP is a tough, resilient and robust plastic resin. Its exceptional strength and versatility rivals that of any metallic alternative.
Manageability Significantly lighter than steel, FRP is easily installed without heavy lifting equipment. Its exceptional impact resistance reduces risks during and after installation.
Long Life Cycle Easy to install, Maintenance-free, Corrosion-resistant, Impact-resistant, Anti-slip, Lightweight, Non-conductive, Radar transparent

About FRP

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic - popularly known as FRP, is a wonder material. It can be moulded to any shape and size with much ease, when compared to the manufacturing process of other metal or plastics.

FRP is manufactured using a combination of glass fiber and polyester resin, which gives very high strength. When compared to weight-to-weight ratio, the strength of FRP is higher than that of steel.

The main advantages of FRP are light in weight, anti corrosive, weather proof, termite proof, zero maintenance, easy to mould in any shape etc. FRP is used in almost every field like, automobile industry, aerospace, defense applications, wind mills, marine application, space shuttle, chemical industry, cooling tower systems, amusement park applications, building industry etc.

Some of the products we make in FRP are, FRP doors and door frames, windows, roofing sheets, slides and water slides, amusement part items, dust bins, decorative lamp posts, park benches, crinkle glass, shells and domes, fishing and pedaling boats, bath tubs and storage tanks, automobile components, industrial products.